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Being Slim

Event Details

Date: 2013-05-16 to 2013-08-01



A new group open to only 14 women will start today!
If you ever feel tired of having tried everything that exists in order to lose weight and then you found at the starting point, if you avoid the mirrors, if you do not you ever make a compliment to yourself, if you hide in dark and formless clothes, if you check everything you eat ..
And if you finally want to:
- Be happy in your body
- Feel joy and happiness
- Live food as a great experience and not an obsession
- Return to your natural weight
Then Being Slim is the program for you!
During these 12 weeks you will learn:
  •  To connect with your heart and your soul and to live guided by this voice
  •  To recognize that you are the embodiment of Love
  •  You will be guided in deep processes that will heal your traumas that keep you trapped in your weight problems
  • You will become aware of your habits, your conditioning
  • You will learn powerful tools to use in your everyday life
  • You will connect with other women who, like you, walk the path of life to walk together, to share, to create new friendships
  • You will learn to use food as nourishment and not as a reward for good times or bad
  • You will learn to love yourself and manifest it through your body
  • To listen to the voice of the Goddess in you who knows everything
Time: 19:00 to 20:30
Where: the comfort of your home with your pc
Investment: DONATION