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Being Slim

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Date: 2013-04-20 to 2013-06-08




During these 8 weeks, we will go through a very in-depth and intimate process of connecting with the heart and tuning into its voice: the voice of Love, of the Soul. Through some powerful processes and techniques, in a safe space - free from judgment - we will transport ourselves into the flow of our imagination, our intuition, our heart. Consider this 8 weeks program not only as a painting experience but also as a path to self-discovery and self-development.





There are no pre-requisites to attend this course, just the willingness to be open and the readiness to grow.


-          8 sessions

-          Price for the 8 classes  CAD 360 (including use of BRUSHES and PAINT, 1 CANVAS included)

-          Early Bird Price (!applicable only for the first 4 subscribers!) CAD 239 (including use of BRUSHES and PAINT, RECORDED MEDITATION,1 CANVAS INCLUDED)

-          Drop in Fee CAD 50  2 Hours Session

Starting Saturday April 20th from 9-11 am at MAB Studio,1335 Pemberton Road, North Vancouver.


heArt of Love is not about being a great painter, it is about connecting with your inner world and put those feelings, those emotions, those needs on the canvas. It’s about letting your heart guide your hand. It is about healing through art. Through the power of visualization the teacher will guide you to unlock the power of creation inside you. We will use art as a medium to reach emotional healing. Your canvas will be a direct message of your Soul that is always there to guide you.  So start each weekend with some growth!


This series of lessons is based on the themes of CHAKRAS. Chakra is the Sanskrit word that describes the energy centers that are in our body. There are 7 main chakras: each chakra has a corresponding color, emotion, vibration and many other attributes. By energizing and balancing Chakras we can create new awakenings and generate powerful insights. Many answers to the questions we carry in our heads appear by itself.  


 Contact details for info and booking: Camilla   604 922 6695