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Being Slim

Being Slim

  •  What is the NATURAL WEIGHT?

Your natural weight is the weight of your system when it operates in 'balance'. Your system includes your body, your mind, your constitution and all other factors that contribute to your day-to-day life.

When you are in balance, your mind is aligned, your constitution is robust and your body is functional. As a result, your body will assume its natural weight. Alternately, when your system is in imbalance, your weight will reflect that either through overweight or underweight.

  •  What makes BEING SLIM different from the various other programs or products in the market?

This program is based on my personal experience of losing 18 kilos in 15 months without abusing my body with rigid diets or hardcore fitness regimens, while enjoying all that life offers!

I've been overweight since I was seven years old. Since the age of 14 I have tried everything to lose weight. I have been on strict diets (like eliminating carbohydrates, one type of food per meal, eating little, etc.) coupled with high-metabolic physical activities. Each time, I would achieve some positive results but would soon after tragically return to the starting point, sometimes even worse!

From a peak of 79 kilos (where I was when I started practicing the principles contained in BEING SLIM) I am now at a steady 61 kilos! For the first time in my adult life, my body is in the normal weight category. I am happy with my weight, but more importantly I feel happier in life!

What matters is how I achieved this result. As a coach, I had the chance to learn many different techniques from many teachers, so I started to test these techniques on myself. Along the way I stumbled upon the truth that being overweight is a symptom of deep malaise within. Diets and physical activity can be useful - at least temporarily - for weight loss, but what most people neglect is the deep inner work to be done in order to process the traumas that hide behind the overweight. In order to eliminate excess weight permanently and return to my natural weight, I needed to process my traumas and heal myself. That is how I got to my 61 kilos.

Unlike other available programs out there, BEING SLIM focuses equally, if not more, on this inner work.

  • What is unique about BEING SLIM compared to other weight loss programs?

BEING SLIM is not per se a weight-loss program, weight-loss is just one of the effects of the program.

  •  In what sense is weight-loss "just one of the effects" of the BEING SLIM program?

Western science has just begun to understand that mind and body are closely related.

In the BEING SLIM program we mostly work at the mind-level, and the effects of that are felt on the body. The primary focus of BEING SLIM is to help you find your happiness and fulfillment. We do this through some deep inner processes that help you identify and resolve internal blocks that prevent you from returning to your natural weight.

As within, so outside.

  • Are there any side effects?

The only side effect reported is that life seems to be much more joyful!

  • What is the duration of the BEING SLIM program?

The standard module lasts 3 months.

Depending on your location and language, I can support you in one of my face-2-face groups or in one of my Tele-groups. I offer the program in English and Italian.

After the completion of the 3 months, if we both feel that you can benefit further from my support, you could join a new group and continue your weight loss. On rare occasions, I also support women one-on-one.

  •  How much does BEING SLIM cost?

We welcome the gift of receivng DONATIONS: it's up to you to choose what to give in return for our service.

We believe that nothing should prevent you from growing. Write to us to know about our WORK/SERVICE EXCHANGE PROGRAM!!!

The cost depends on the program you choose. As an indication, the standard 3 month Tele-group module will cost you 600 CAD/MONTH* or 320 Euro/MONTH* (including all taxes).  It's a combination of personalized and group coaching.

For tailored support, please send me a message and I can help you.

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  • Where can I learn more about BEING SLIM?

Feel welcome to raise any questions, and I remain at your service to answer you.      


  •   The mission of BEING SLIM is:

- to bring you (as a woman) back to your natural essence
- to uncover and resolve mental blocks that prevent you from assuming your natural weight
- to create a new but realistic image of yourself in your mind
- to create awareness in you of your unconscious choices and actions that hold you at your current weight
- to free you from your mind games that sabotage your nobles intentions


  • How is the BEING SLIM program structured?

Each 3 month module of BEING SLIM is structured as follows:

Week 1 - 12: 90-minutes group session once per week.
(face-to-face or in Tele-groups of maximum 14 women)

Each participant will receive processes and exercises that are specifically tailored to her conditioning, predispositions and personal history. In addition to the weekly sessions there will be group or individual exercises that help accelerate the effects of the program.


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