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Being Slim

About Milla


I have been overweight for most of my life and excess weight and discomfort that continued to keep me company for a long time, all my old life.

I tried to fast, playing sports, taking laxatives and diet pills,  to use creams,  and to do all these things together! What happened? I think you already know the answer! It has not happened NOTHING! Or rather just a few pounds with these immense efforts went away, but I became irritable, full of frustration and sadness because the amount of effort was not even close to the results I was getting! And when those few pounds were gone then I was saying  to myself: "now you deserve a piece of bread, now you can start to eat normal again." And surely as I was starting to eat "normal" (normal was the Mediterranean diet, typical in all Italian Households. Yes there is pasta but there are a lot of fresh veggies and fruits) again the pounds were coming back, sometimes even more than those lost and with them the discomfort and the unhappiness were back too.

I've blamed the genes, my parents, bad luck and all that was outside of me for almost twenty years and never wanted  to take the liability arising from my reality and also of my body. When, exhausted from all the excuses, I chose to take responsibility for myself and my life, I began to read books and attend courses and to receive the support of (a) Coach. All this has been instrumental in helping me realize that I had access to my inner resources to be my best.

I was taught that all the wisdom we seek is contained within us and I have always been convinced that our body is a powerful means to help us to evolve and grow. When you have a sore throat, a sore throat is the way in which your body is communicating with you.Your body is telling you: "There's something wrong." One day I realized that being overweight and underweight are just symptoms: symptoms that our body gives us of a deep trauma, an unease. And the only way to heal is to go to the root of that trauma and heal the heart, heal what is inside.

Thus was born Being Slim. I immediately tested this idea on myself, I started to go to the root of my discomfort, I brought to light wounds that I was not aware of. Without any effort all my extra pounds began to melt like snow in the sun. No diet.

I realized that I was unhappy because I was fat, but I was fat because I was unhappy.

My body showed what I had inside: dissatisfaction, sadness and much more!

To a maximum weight of 79kg in about 15 months I have come to the weight of 61kg: 18 chilos lighter, 61 kg of happiness!

Thanks to Being Slim I found the pleasure to feed myself, to show love to myself through food. No more worrying about what others say, I simply chose to listen to myself and to my body that knows all.

Today, my daily practice is to follow my heart and have the courage to recognize that I must act with pure intentions, I have to give up control to be guided by my intuition. This brings great joy into my life. I practice Love, because I know that Love does not happen, rather we create Love. Love is a choice.

Acknowledge that I am an old soul, I'm here to serve and to help other people to realize what I have realized. For many years I've supported people around the world, especially women, to return to their essence.

Being Slim is the program that I love most: I think we can teach only what we have experienced, and Being Slim was born through my own personal experience and is constantly evolving with the help of all the wonderful women who take part in the programs. Each session, each group support is a transforming experience for me.

I am also a researcher, a wife and a mother. And most importantly, courageously follow my heart, every day.

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